Supervision and Organisational development

Supervision and Organisational development

Constructive and holistic solutions for you and your team

If there is a problem somewhere, if things are not progressing in certain areas and you have no idea why exactly, or if open or hidden conflicts and team dynamics are making work more difficult:

I then work with you to look at interactions, role allocations and communication patterns in order to identify potential problems or obstacles and develop constructive solutions.

A central aspect of my work is recognizing the interactions between the different levels of a system, such as individual, family and institutional dynamics.

This holistic approach makes it possible to identify the underlying causes of problems. I work with you to find sustainable solutions.

In the area of organizational development, I also support you in repositioning your organization and setting a new course or carrying out a restructuring.

Together we observe and analyze the interactions, relationships and structures within your system to strengthen your organizational culture, promote collaboration, develop leaders, manage change and create a learning organization.

The goal is to increase the performance, adaptability and flexibility of your organization. I am happy to support you in this, especially in times of change, restructuring or the need to adapt to new challenges.

Possible topics:

  • Case discussions
  • Role clarification
  • Self-reflection and self-care
  • Team development
  • Management coaching
  • Personnel development
  • Organizational changes
  • Resistance / Conflicts
  • Company takeover / company transfer
  • Working in a family business
  • Employee management
  • High sickness rate
  • High employee turnover
  • (Sexual) harassment in the workplace
  • Bullying Burn-out / boreout

Confidentiality and discretion

I am legally obliged to maintain confidentiality in accordance with § 203 of the German Criminal Code (StGB) and naturally treat your information and data with the utmost confidentiality.

I share premises with other therapists, counsellors and service providers. The signage does not indicate that this is a practice for couples and sex therapy.

To ensure confidentiality, I plan sufficient breaks between individual appointments.

Quality assurance

To ensure a high standard of quality, I regularly have my work professionally reviewed, as is customary in the medical-psychological professions. In such so-called supervisions, cases are presented anonymously to a group of experts and reflected upon. This means that my work is subject to regular professional supervision and control.

Appointments & costs

The prices for supervision and organizational development vary depending on context, framework, duration, scope of work and effort. Please get in touch with me so that we can clarify any questions in advance. I will then prepare an individual offer for you.

Initial consultation

You will first arrange a non-binding initial consultation with me. You then decide whether and how you would like to work with me in the longer term and whether you would like to arrange further sessions.

The purpose of the initial consultation is for you to get to know me and how I work. However, the main focus of the session will be for me to gain a deeper insight into your problem together with you, to discover any pitfalls and to work out what you would like to work on together in order to develop initial solutions. After the session, you decide whether you would like to enter into a longer supervision or counseling process with me.

Further sessions

The distance and duration of further sessions vary depending on various factors such as budget, urgency and issues. In my way of working, I follow the motto “a lot does not always help a lot”. A change process takes time, which is why I prefer to work with you over a longer period of time with relatively few sessions. In the meantime, you have the opportunity to implement changes in your institution, organization or company. Exceptions can be made in phases of acute crisis, when a shorter period of time between meetings seems appropriate.

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