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Welcome to the website of my systemic-integrative practice. I am delighted that you have found your way to me and hope that you will find initial points of contact for your questions and concerns here and would be delighted to welcome you in person to my offices in Essen-Holsterhausen in the near future.

Please note that I am not a native English speaker. My language level is B2, which means that I am fluent in everyday English. If I have word-finding issues at the beginning of a session, please bear with me, I usually need a few minutes to get into the flow. I have had very good experience in my work with bilingual couples.

Andreas Niehues

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My way of working:

I work in a systemic-integrative way, which means that my way of working is strongly characterised by systemic therapy. I also work with methods from depth psychology and behavioural therapy. My therapeutic approach is also strongly influenced by ego-state therapy and hypnotherapy according to Milton Erickson.

I see people as individual personalities with individual life stories, individual experiences, personality traits and behavioural and emotional patterns, which are sometimes useful and sometimes worth changing.

In my work, however, it is very important to me not to see people in isolation from their environment. Rather, every individual is always part of a complex social system (part of a partnership, family, circle of friends, part of a group of colleagues) in which they operate.

Every personal change has an impact on the system and vice versa. I therefore attach great importance to recognising relationship patterns and how these in turn affect personal development potential.

It may also be necessary to take a look at one’s own life history and family of origin and to scrutinise unconscious orders, values, norms and deep-seated fears and desires.

I invite you to work on your personal development, to question entrenched behaviours and views in order to change them if necessary, to rethink your relationships, to redesign them and to focus on your resources.

Focused on your very personal concerns, we will work together to design your individual, effective therapy or counselling process, which will enable you to gain new experiences and perspectives and help you to develop sustainable solutions and bring about lasting change in the future.

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